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tv   Today  NBC  October 25, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. good morning. home come canning horror. new video showing the deadly moment of impact when a dunk driver plowed into a parade in oklahoma. we're live in the scene. in p side the isis r raid obtained by nbc news showing the assault on a prison and an american hero killed. hear them roar. ♪ >> hillary clinton and her husband hitting the campaign trail for the first time while donald trump slams jeb bush with
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the hard attack. >> he is meeting with his mommy and daddy and working on the campaign. like you have never seen them before. >> do you consider yourself an honest person? >> no. newly released deposition as the battle rages as. was it a rip off of a marvin gaye classic. today is october 25, 2015. >> from nbc news this is "today." thanks for having me. >> someone has to do it. >> yeah, and speaking of -- it's a tough video to watch out of oklahoma state university. a speeding car going into a crowd at the oklahoma state homecoming parade.
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a new video emerged and showing it happened as the death toll rises. nbc on the scene for us. jacob, good morning. >> reporter: yes, the injured list has grown to 51 and four people have died and a toddler and graduate as the driver remains jail and police search for more witnesses. >> over night oklahoma state came to mourn and the investigators show the moments of impact. no brake lights are visible as the gray sedan goes into the vehicles. >> i saw something black, and the car hit me and then i went over some stroll ers. >> a witness told the governor that the governor was out of control after the crash.
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>> i had an actual person that held her down and talked to her. >> reporter: hold er her down. >> among the dead is a 2-year-old boy that survived the crash but died at the hospital. the oklahoma state kansas game began with a prayer. the college town in still water, oklahoma shaken by the tragedy. >> the oklahoma state homecoming parade is one of the most whole some happy event in the country. to have it fouled like this and the victims is a terrible tragedy. >> investigators say that it's too early to tell if she drove it into the crowd intentionally. the charges range from homicide and attempted murder and if she was intoxicated among other
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factors. >> reporter: this morning 17 people remain hospitalized including five that are in critical condition as the driver remains jailed her father says i know this is something that she would not have done deliberately. grief counselors will be on stand by when the classes resume on monday. >> so hoaard to watch. thanks. first video obtained by nbc news. our chief corespondent is in turkey this morning and richard, good morning. >> good morning erica. it's extremely rare to see the footage like this and inside an operation and carried out by american special ops and troops like the navy seals or the delta force. it was taken from a body camera worn by one of the commanders.
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more footage emerged from the raid on an isis prison in iraq last week. they're clearly proud of what they did. the individual wrote was broadcasted on television and showing up close the moments when they storm in and free 7 o 0 hostages that appear terrified, barefoot, hands up to show that they're unarmed. the official says that the footage obtained by the arabs is authentic. the bullets in the wall show a gun fight. one yells to the hostages to keep on moving. they do and filthy prison gowns m some of them with blood as they move to safety. they inspect another room and what sounds like american voices can be heard. and a hallway is lined with
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makeshift prison cells. the troops move with skills and have an american made weapons. much is not shown and the moments when joshua wheeler was shot. his remains were flown back yesterday. the first american to die in the war on isis. >> reporter: this is a war that u.s. troops are are no occasionally involved in direct contact and going room to room in a compound. they promised that the there were no troops in combat in iraq does not apply to special ops. >> richard, thank you. michael k is an officer and an international affairs and michael is joining us here. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> pentagon say that is the u.s. forces were asked to help them.
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watching that video, how involved do you think that the americans were here? >> well, looking from the actual piece, the outlook looks very well drilled and equipped and the room clearing and the way that the hostages are ex train raid. i don't think that we should be surprised to go about the u.s. special forces, and if you go back to may, we saw the parade. he was the isis leader and then there was an assault force attack which claims it. for my sources, i know that the uk and u.s. special forces guys are operating for some time now. >> now, when you look at the raid, you think about how long they spotted on that compound before they went in. what kind of spying operation went into the prison on the ground from the droenes in the air. >> yeah, what we used to use was
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called pol. what that would do is you had a drone that's offset to cameras and all looking down and could be 24 hours and up to a week. what it's doing is sucking up intelligence and where the people are and what cars are coming and going. more importantly it saw the trenches and gave the indication that something was going to happen. >> that's how they know what time to go in and when there's woman and children there. >> all the balance of risk. the commander on the ground is accessing the risk and at that point they believe that there was a battle of a mass. >> you mention balance of rest. there was one that was killed her and a father hooiimself. they say that there were 70 hostages and they're saying that there were no kurds there.
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was this worth for? >> well, there's 11 stars, 14 deployments, purple heart, what an incredible man. it's in didicative of how hard is. unless we clear here, we're not going to encounter the air strikes alone. you need them on the ground and the best people and syria is highlighted and the americans have to make a decision. if you're going put the boats on the ground, you have to do it and then in northern iraq, that's the forces. >> michael k, thanks for joining us. turning live we're following the rain and flooding in texas. several voluntary evacuations are under way. there are more rescues over night and officials say that flash floods remain a stress through monday morning. janet, is in houston is morning.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. after aftll f o the rain that ty have had, and the water is spilling out on to the area roadways. this morning it's still coming down. torrential rain, tornado watches and flash flood watches. >> this is bad news. the high tides continue with the the coast. >> swollen rivers and too much rain in too much time for houston. >> we have already gone to an elevated level within the houston emergency center. we're going to ramp it up another notch. >> the power is illustrated in north texas and a freight train over turns after the track was submerg submerged. >> some areas get 20 inches of rainfall.
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>> nearby this rescue is one of dozens. in complete darkness with a man inside is almost under water. as time is retuunning out o, t, pull them to safety. >> i cannot tell you how many we performed today. >> it happened to her, her daughter and sister. with no visibility, a wrong turn in a ditch almost cost them their life. >> we had to crawl can out of the window to get out. >> few are fighting and knowing well the power of rising water. >> it's time for me to, you know, evacuate because it's pretty serious. >> that or the past few days this morning texas is bracing for yet another hard hit. >> reporter: buffalo went from
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two feet to 24 feet in a water of 24 hours. it's reseeding and while it's still raining and liethdghtenin, there's no warnings in texas. there are watches here and in western louisiana through tomorrow. back to you. >> janet back to you. more on what people can can expect in texas today. as you mentioned that is moving further east. >> yeah, we're going to see improvements in texas and that's needed because some areas picked up two feet of rain. the heaviest of the rain is moving past houston and raining good in galveston. that threat is going transition and we're four to seven inches of rain is possible. we're going to see the moisture from the south and because of that most of them are across central and south everyone louisiana. they extend to mississippi and alabama and the panhandle. as we go through the day today and into tonight, we're going to
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the see it move into mississippi and alabama as we go into monday. we're looking at the potential of five to to seven inches across parts of lose skpluz tui that will start to spread to the east. these are tropical in nature and produce one, two, three inch os s of rain in an hour. >> some of the rain being driven by the monster storm patricia in mexico. >> reporter: good morning. the worst of hurricane patricia hits the areas and no deaths have been reported. for many towns, it was a close call and lives have been changed for ever. >> the beaches are spanish for paradi paradise, but this morning some
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of it is lost. the home home washed away with strongest storm but at least she is alive. today near the resort town, residence is cleaning up and the red cross is handing out supplying. hurrica hurricane patricia lost steam but still packed 150 mile an hour winds. a record for the coast. the mexican president told us the construction is not as bad as one fears. 77-year-old is thankful. he says the winds were intense and his home was damaged, but somehow still standing. >> reporter: >> officials say that they put in place better they spared lives. all major airports have to reopen. >> hard to think that they're
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reopening when they thought that he would restore the resort towns. the race for the white house is getting heated. former jeb bush reacting to donald trump with the strongest language to day. >> i got a lot of really cool things that i can do than sit around and being miserable and listen to people demonize me and me do that to them. elect trump if you want that. >> on the democratic side clinton bringing out the team. alongside katy perry. >> i have never warmed up to her before. >> first time for everything right chuck todd. >> yeah i bet that he enjoyed that. >> yeah, i think so.
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speaking of bill clinton, it's the first time that we have seen him out there on the campaign trail. this was a pretty good week approximate by all accounts and is this the new campaign that we will see with former clinton by her side? >> i think so. they have and acting if there's a little slag er now. they believe clinton and among the democrats he is as poplar as obama and if he is not for her, and now you're seeing the next phase of the campaign, and i think that krur goiyou're goinga lot more. >> 12 days ago there was a concern did you have what it takes. the preparation and all of that and then they feel a lot better, so now the campaign feels better to put him out there to. >> on the other side we heard from jeb bush this weekend and
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he was more frank. the can der in his statement, and what does this say really about where the campaign and head is at right now? >> well, i think that it was a moment of prure honesty that yo saw what was there. i am going to use an old reference and there was a great saturday night live skit where john says i cannot believe that i am losing to this guy. that's the feeling that you got from jeb bush. cannot believe that this is the campaign that he wanted to run:this is not the campaign that he thought he was going to be participating in. he is frustrated, and we see it. that was rare on stage. >> okay. always nice to see you. we will be tuning in in a little bit. we're looking forward to that interview. >> you got it. >> okay. which . pope francis closes out a
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meeting with a time of mercy. they opened the door for a new direction and then the pope's desire for the church. in kentucky it was a moment that they have been waiting for since asking kim davis for a marriage license. karen roberts and april miller celebrated and the two were the the first to be refused by davis who said that it was against the religi religion. deputies in south carolina have taken one into custody after receiving an enormous amount of weapons. they say he had 7,000 weapons. they believe that other people stole them for him. in boston and he was honored
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by -- as part of the he was taken through harvard square and he received the award during the life. finally in college sports and a second win and for the state. six seconds to go with georgia tech blocked the field goal attempt. the yellow jackets returned the ball on a 78 yard run for a touchdown as time expired. as you can imagine, the crowd went wild. look at that. everybody loves college football. >> yeah, because of moments like that.
6:20 am
now, the rest of the nation's forecast on sunday. >> the rain will exit as we go through the afternoon and then stronger storms and then the coast of louisiana. isolated tornados but rain is goin good sunday morning to you. i'm anthony slaughter. you can see we've got clouds this morning and a storm system making its way through the bay area. we are looking at light shower as cross the north bay and the coastline. but we're not going to see much in terms of rainfall today. it will be a dry day for many of us. if you are doing any traveling through the north bay, just keep in mind to keep those umbrellas handy. by this afternoon we'll clear out where we'll stay with gray skies for the north bay. a good mix of sun and clouds. temperatures cooler. 70s and 60s at the coast. and that's your latest forecast. >> and that's your latest fo foreca
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san jose vicky/2shot i'ck good morning. your time now is 6:26. we want to start you off right now with a look outside at san jose. sun not quite up yet. but twinkling beautiful lights and it's a cool, crisp morning. i'm vicky nguyen alongside anthony slaughter standing by with a look at that microclimate forecast. it was chilly this morning. >> it's going to get colder towards this upcoming week. fall is definitely here. it's a weak one but it is going to trigger light showers across parts of the north bay. already seeing a few of those towards san helena, clear lake and now starting to see that towards bodega bay. you'll even see a few areas of drizzle through san francisco at least for the first half of the day. then by this afternoon we will clear out. temperatures will be cool today. back into the 60s at the
6:27 am
coastline and back into the 70s for our inland valley. so the only place that we'll see 80s will be the tri-valley and extreme south bay, gilroy. otherwise it is going to be a cool cloudier day. and then we have another chance of rein, vicky, ahead in our seven-day forecast on wednesday. we'll talk about that at 7:00. >> looking forward to it. anthony, thank you. irnlts breaking news right now. a west oakland home is evacuated as police surround the spot where two wanted gunmen are believed to be holed up. this standoff has been going on on center street since 1:00 is this morning. that's just two blocks away from the west oakland b.a.r.t. station. we first broke the story during our 11:00 newscast. police say the men inside are believed to be the same ones behind a deadly shooting at a cbs parking lot in livermore. they shot two people, one person was killed. police found the suspects in oakland. we will keep monitoring this fluid situation. and we'll update you with the very latest. a man on the run makes a daring jump from the bay bridge. but he couldn't escape the long
6:28 am
arm of the law this morning. he is behind bars. it started yesterday morning with a report of a man with a knife in the marina district. when officers arrived, the suspect jumped into a running patrol car. police say he drove off hitting several cars. the suspect made it all the way to treasure island before police caught up to him. he ditched the car and then jumped 30 feet from the upper deck to the lower deck of the bay bridge. a police officer also jumped after him to make the arrest. neither man was badly hurt. closed once again. the dmv is no longer open on the weekends. as you can see, the dmv that we went to in san jose wasn't very crowded. saturday business hours started when undocumented immigrants were allowed to apply for driver's licenses. anticipating a large number of requests, dmv started opening on saturday to handle the demand. this is video from when that bill first wept into effect. you can see the lines out the door. with demand now down, the dmv says it no longer needs to be
6:29 am
open on saturdays. and coming up at 7:00 on "today in the bay," put on temporary hold by patricia. a bay area couple literally weathers the storm to trade nuptials in mexico. we'll hear from the happy newlyweds. that plus we'll have all of your top stories and anthony slaughter will be back with a look at that seven-day forecast. for now, though, we'll send you back to the "today" show.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i know you want it ♪ ♪ fans of the chart-topping hit "blurred lines" that one right there are about to see a very different side of robin thicke and pharrell williams after their testimony in a landmark legal battle over that catchy song going public right now and welcome back on this sunday morning, october 25, 2015. we have a great crowd out here experiencing the wind and somewhat i call drizzlies. dylan, that's the unofficial term, i think. >> i don't know if that's the term either. >> i'm not sure about this umbrella. >> think you have a good quality umbrella. >> i have a hood.
6:31 am
i'm good. >> in just a moment, we have the blurred lines case and first, we want to get you caught up on the stories making headlines on this southbound at half past the hour. mandatory evacuations are under way in texas. days of downpours have washed out roads and derailed a freight train and led to several dramatic high-water rescues. new video out of oklahoma showing a horrific moment a suspected drunk driver plowed into a crowded homecoming parade. at least four people were killed including a 2-year-old. police say another 44 people were injured. police are still awaiting toxicology reports done on the 25-year-old driver. and fireworks in iowa for democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton as she's stumping serious star power on saturday. pop star katy perry alongside her husband former president clinton and he was making his first appearance for her on the campaign trail. >> now we want to get to the blurred lines controversy as the wind continues to blow out here
6:32 am
on the plaza. this morning there is new and surprising video of robin thicke and pharrell williams over the copyright lawsuit with marvin gaye's family. kristen dahlgren is here with us. >> good morning. it was the landmark plagiarism trial brought by the family of marvin gaye and there was a judgement against robin thicke and pharrell williams that shocked industry observers, but we didn't know the details of the testimony until now. robin thicke in his own words? with all due respect i was high and drunk every time i did an interview last year. >> reporter: in this taped deposition the singer tries to explain why he said certain things in interviews. >> when i give interviews i tell whatever i want to say to help sell records. "blurred lines" certainly sold. one of the biggest hits of 2013, but the family of marvin gaye said the song sounded all too familiar. ♪
6:33 am
♪ >> reporter: claiming thicke and co-writer pharrell williams copied gaye's 1977 song "got to give it up." thicke and williams questioned under oath by the opposition attorney. at times, things get contentious. >> what are the cords in the bar blues? >> i'm not here to teach music. >> you have to answer the question. >> i'm not here to teach music. >> reporter: in a statement for nbc news, an attorney for the gaye family writes, the video deposition of mr. williams and thicke obviously speak for themselves. at trial, we contrasted that testimony with what we showed the jury and court were markededly different accounts both gave outside of the case about their intent for creating "blurred lines." in march, they awarded the state $7.4 million and they were later reduced to $5.3 million. >> to see one of the biggest
6:34 am
songs of the century is quite shocking. >> thick's case couldn't have been helped by testimony like this. >> do you consider yourself an honest person? >> no. >> these tapes are coming out just as "blurred lines" duo and their attorneys are getting ready to file. the songs are still different and we look forward to complete vindication on appeal. >> certainly interesting to see them like that. thank you so very much. dylan is outside with the final check of the weather, drizzly was the term we heard earlier. >> they left us in the rain. they all went inside and we're all standing out here, but it is going to become a better day in the northeast. we've got some morning showers and a little bit of a breeze and it's the cold front moving through. it's moving through new england and boston seeing pockets of heavier rain all of the way down to the gulf coast and the remnants of patricia pumping in moisture today and the biggest threat is in louisiana, and also some severe storms possible right along the coast.
6:35 am
behind this front it is going to cool off and we are looking at the 50s and the 60s and alabama will see some of the heavier rain and also the western panhandle of florida, too. in the northeast, highs only in the 50s mountain snow and even some valley rain. we're talking about a little bit of showery activity as we head through the day today. it will mainly be confined to the north bay but you see the storm system has lots of cloud cover but not a lot of rain. you turn on the doppler radar and you can barely pick out any showers. light and spotty across the north bay and even san francisco and the coastline will get in on a little bit of drizzly activity as we head through the morning hours. elsewhere expect a good mix of sun and clouds later this afternoon from the east bay over towards the south bay. but again, san francisco and the north bay, you'll see gray skies through most of the morning. and that's your latest forecast. erica? >> dylan, thank you. turning to a controversy in tampa about how police in that city are fighting crime in certain neighborhoods.
6:36 am
critics say an aggressive campaign targeting bike riders amounts to racial profiling. it's an allegation that's steered the city to ask for a federal investigation. nbc's kerry sanders has that story. >> reporter: tampa police on patrol in a high-crime area. officer katie repeatedly pulls over mostly young black men on bikes. >> do you have your i.d. on you? >> yes, ma'am. >> some are cited for minor violations. you have to have your light in the front and others attached to the back with a reflector. >> it comes with batteries and everything else we need. >> those bike stops lead to arrests. some call this tampa's version of new york's controversial stop and frisk. when reporters at the tampa bay times first examined more than 10,000 bike tickets, they discovered in a city that is 25% black, 79% of all bike citations
6:37 am
were issued to african-americans. some call it biking while black. >> at its core this is about clearly the police do things differently in one neighborhood than they do another. >> reporter: along tampa's bay shore boulevard in a predominantly white section of town, they found one bike ticket had been issued in the past year. the person who received that citation was black. tampa's new police chief defends the policy. >> there's nothing here to be ashamed of? >> absolutely not. >> you stand by what your officers are doing? >> day to day operations every day. you stick with the plan? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the chief grew up in the very neighborhoods where most of those bike tickets are issued. stopping teenagers on bike at 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning is an effective way of crime prevention. the tampa bay times reports the number of bike tickets has reduced dramatically with far fewer going to black bicyclists.
6:38 am
>> we have a lot of juveniles that do create serious offenses in this area and so they use bicycles. >> reporter: city officials are waiting for their own requested justice department review to make sure the bike stops are not only legal, but fair. >> all right. be safe. >> for today, kerry sanders, nbc news, tampa. up next on "today" our sunday story, shoes changing the lives of children livering in property, to retro video games now bringing families together. on sundays with harry, how the met is being offered to a whole new generation of to the car that just survived hours of reconditioning... sorry, we know that was a bit... invasive. but, if we didn't hoist you up in the air and poke around a little, we wouldn't be carmax. we expect a lot from our cars and we need to make sure that you'll make the grade. you have to admit, you're looking awfully nice.
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back now on a sunday morning, any parent can tell you how often your children grow out of shoes so it is no surprise that millions of children living in extreme poverty go to school barefoot each and every day and there is a generous campaign. >> not just getting shoes which as we know is critical. it's the kind of idea that when you hear it it makes you wonder, why didn't someone think of this sooner. a shoe that expands with the children, lasting a full five years where shoes is a precious resource. >> shoes in kenya. >> it sounds simple. it's just a pair of shoes, but for these kids it makes a giant difference.
6:43 am
>> the idea for this simple pair of shoes was inspired by kent and lee' first job out of college at an orphanage in africa. a lack of funding and donations meant the 140 children there were without proper fitting shoes. >> how many kids around the world don't have shoes? >> 300 million and countless more have shoes that don't fit. over 2 billion people have some kind of transmitted disease. kids without shoes, they get a cut and a scrape and next thing you know they're getting infected from something from the soil. >> the answer, this sandal which is designed to last a full five years and grow along with the child. >> this is just a really firm, sturdy bottom to the show. >> how does it grow? >> it grows in the front, five different sizes and in the sides with the snaps and in the back with the buckle. >> reporter: it took five years to bring lee's vision to life. he helped deliver the first last
6:44 am
october. >> what does it mean for the kids? >> just to have a pair of shoes and for many kids the first pair of shoes they've ever had in their lives. >> the second batch of 8,000 pairs packed by volunteers left u.s. in august. they'll be delivered by partner organizations around the world. to date, kids in nearly two dozen countries are now wearing the $15 shoes. >> it's humbling for me to see people get so excited about this and my goal is to help as many kids as possible. >> they're continually improving the design of the shoe that grows because it is looking at innovative ways to tackle other issues around the globe, something he calls practical compassion which i love that phrase. there's been interestingly enough, interest from parents in the u.s. remember, these sell for $15 bucks, right? it's $60 a pair for kids here, but if you buy a pair for $60
6:45 am
because for every pair you buy they'll send two. >> i was wondering how they expand and grow and it's not a bad idea and you hope it comes to the u.s., too, because there are so many kids could use it, too. >> it feels like a tire. great idea and we were glad to bring it to you. sheinelle is live with the plaza fan of the day. >> yes, i have fans of the day. we have colleen, kristen and karen from minnesota. good morning to you, ladies. >> welcome to new york. this is your first time in new york city. what's been your best part. >> today show. >> you're celebrating your 22nd birthday. isn't that a taylor swift song? >> yes. >> yes. >> happy 22. ♪ i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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milk, fruit, cultures. mmmm, yoplait. there are iconic smells and also iconic sounds. >> what's an iconic smell? ♪ ♪ >> pac-man. >> oh, the sound. >> that's pacman. and we have smell here.
6:49 am
pacman did not, and classic video games like pacman and donkey kong are now making quite a comeback. >> and kids who grew up in the '80s and '90s and all of us who played these games are going back. nbc's margaret radmore has more. >> reporter: bringing the generations together. >> we play a lot of games together as a family. >> when i have kids, he's going to play duck hunt, you know what i mean? my kids are going to play duck hunt. >> reporter: entire families at the retro gaming convention, a fantasy land come to life for both collectors. >> i have about 1,000 games. >> the parts alone attach. >> i can try this on? >> there you go. >> reporter: is this one of the biggest in the country, i heard? >> think so. i think we've done 8,000 people through the door this weekend and i can't think of any retro gaming expo that has had more
6:50 am
than that. >> reporter: classic games like at the time rhys, pacman and super mario brothers are making a smashing comeback, contributing to $200 million a year to the gaming industry. >> i'd say it's been about minimum $200 to $300 a month. >> it seems like serious money is being made here. >> there are a lot of people that come to the show that specifically say i'm saving my money to come to the event. >> reporter: families like terry and tyler hunt are cashing in. >> tyler's become an incredible negotiator. they scour the country for yesterday's games. >> these are my people. it's a family here. >> reporter: why are these games so popular now. >> people are growing up and they went to college and their moms donated them to goodwill. they can relive that childhood any they can afford to do it. >> for adults, it's a nostalgia.
6:51 am
>> myself and others have been able to channel that 3-year-old and say those are great memories for me, after all, they were once kids themselves. >> you want him to become a game sfler. >> for sure. we both gained such amaziing skills from gaming from time management, and i have only positive things to say about gaming. >> the newer games, they can't compare to the older games. >> it's the fact that they're so simple yet so fun. they can put you into the game, no instructions on how to play with two buttons. >> it's, like, harder than the newer games because it gives you more of a challenge. >> reporter: even though the times have changed. what are those? turtles? >> reporter: the feeling stays the same. for "today," morgan ratford, nbc news, portland. >> we all knew the nintendo cartridge, if it wasn't working? >> did it actually do anything?
6:52 am
>> erica didn't play. >> i didn't have video games growing up. >> did you ever get to the princess? >> no. >> i have so much to learn. >> and your son still plays pacman on my app. >> exactly. >> up next, the ticket to the metropolitan opera, but you don't have to come to new york to see it. to see it. it could be in your look at you, saving money to see it. it could be in your on your medicare part d prescriptions. at walgreens, we call that "carpe med diem." that's almost latin for "seize the day to get more out of life and medicare part d." from one-dollar copays on select plans... now reward points on all prescriptions, walgreens has you covered. so drop by and seize the savings! walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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back this morning with sundays with harry. one thing you know with the arts community theater you got to fwroe your audience. >> got to, got to, got to. that's true in new york at the metropolitan opera. they figured out a way to bring their amazing performances right to your neighborhood.
6:56 am
you can feel the energy backstage at the metropolitan opera. ♪ it is not unlike the vibe of a locker room or clubhouse before a big game. there is no room for error on the met stage. >> eight minutes, ladies and gentlemen. >> reporter: especially on a saturday afternoon when the performance is broadcast to movie theaters all over the world. >> for the singers who stand on the stage at the met it adds an extra level of excitement and courage to not only be singing for the 3800 people packed into this theater, but also for 250 or 300,000 more sitting in movie theaters from the west coast to as far east as moscow and as far north as inside the arctic circle. >> i'm addicted. >> reporter: the bigger the stars, the bigger the worldwide audience. imagine, soprano anna netrebko appearing at a theater near you.
6:57 am
>> you have fans all over the world that you might not have had that can see you. >> i know last few years whenever i was traveling, people coming to me saying oh, my god, we saw you so many times on the screen and now we see you live. it's amazing. ♪ i could not even imagine how many people are actually watching that. >> a diva undaunted. so if i'm in the balcony here i see one sort of thing, but if i'm in the movie theater. >> you can see differently. >> does it make you nervous? >> not anymore. >> used to. you're unafraid. >> yeah. i look as i look. love me as i am or don't love me. making the met work is a big screen spectacle is the task of gary halverson. >> don't come out before action. halverson has directed everything from many of the sitcoms you've seen to the macy's thanksgiving day parade.
6:58 am
>> it's kind of like a football game. >> right. >> shooting a football game except we know how the play is going to end. >> reporter: the opera score is his playbook. ♪ every few measures, there is another cue. it is a maddeningly, meticulous process that is a joy to behold so it doesn't matter if you're in peoria or paris, you can always go to the opera. ♪ >> so cool! >> i love that. >> if you come to new york city it's one of those things you really ought to do, but now you can be in des moines on a saturday afternoon. >> dressed up as you would if you're going to the opera? >> it turns out one of the singers we talked to and her husband's a director and he had the day off and he was going to see it in oslo, right? he was having beer and popcorn. >> thank you so much, harry. such a great story. reminder, republican presidential candidate ben carson is chuck todd's guest on "meet the press."
6:59 am
>> we will tune in to
7:00 am
good sunday morning to you. your time is 7:00. we want to give you a live look right now out at san jose as the sun begins to rise. thank you so much for waking up with us. i'm vicky nguyen. let's get a check of that microclimate forecast with anthony slaughter. >> good morning. we're looking at clouds building across the area. we have a cold front that's going to slide through later on this morning and that's going to trigger a few areas of showers mostly for the coastline. you can actually see the showers are very light in nature. so a lot of this stuff that we do see this morning will be light and probably just enough to get the ground wet. so we're not expecting a whole lot in terms of rainfall. nonetheless, any accumulation.


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